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Mrwan elGobee

Founder & CEO
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Mrwan B. elGobee “MBG”
Born in the city of Misurata – Libya, 1978 

  • ABOUT:  Libyan | Graphics & Web Designer | eReader | Coffee-Drinker
  • EDUCATION: Graduate of  The College of Industrial Technology – Misurata, Libya, with a BS in Computer Engineering.
  • WORK: Graphics Designer for “Corporate identity – Brand packaging – Web Design”
  • FOCUS: Branding, Print Design, Web Design.

مروان بشير القبي  “ليبي | مصمم جرافيكس و ويب | أهوى القراءة و شرب القهوة

مواليد 1978 مصراتة، ليبيا، خريج قسم الهندسة الإلكترونية من كلية التقينة الصناعية بمصراتة، يعمل في مجال تصميم الهويات البصرية ومغلفات المنتجات التسويقية وتطوير مواقع الإنترنت، مهتم بمتابعة تطور خدمات التسويق، وتقنية الطباعة والنشر. لمعرفة المزيد شاهد بطاقة العمل الخاصة بي على لنكد إن أو شاهد معرض أعمالي على بيهانس.

Skills | مهارات
Adobe Photoshop 95%
Adobe Illustrator 93%
Adobe InDesign 80%
CorelDRAW 90%
Wordpress 85%
Microsoft office 88%
Testimonials | شهادات
I've worked with Mrwan for several years now and on many different projects. It has always been a pleasure.

He has an eye for and can deliver great corporate, package and web design. His portfolio is impressive, including some of the world's largest brands.

Apart from being a great designer, Mrwan has broad business knowledge and always knows how to move a project forward. I sincerely recommend him for any business venture.

Kiril Hristov | Marketing Manager at GloBiz
I've known Mrwan both at a personal and professional levels. I can truly say that he never failed me on any level! His dedication to his craft is admirable, so is his attention to detail.

He is very toned to a high standard of delivery and is one of those people who tirelessly and continuously aspire to learn and develop.

With the right type of mentoring Mrwan could go along way. I will be happy to use his services any time a need will call out!

Ahmed Safar | Libyan Ambassador to Italy at Libyan Government
Regardless that I was not prefer to dealing with designers people :), but Mrwan was able in a short time to change my view

Knows exactly his goals - sees life through his beautiful/smart eyes - Ultimate Vision for the details of things - Vision easy and sharp at the same time.

Yes he is an added value for any organization to dealing, and you'll be surprised that he is able to transform your official relation to be strong friendship relation

Mohamed El khouly | Business Head - Middle East at Mokate Group
Mrwan is the best designer have done a lot & gave a lot to HWL to be famous worldwide. he's highly recommended
Karim Raied | Director at Hud Hud Worldwide Logistics
Mrwan always shows great incite and understanding of client needs and what it takes to manage and align creative design with business strategies. A real designers, designer .
Malik Lamin | Creative manager at Amazon cms
I've known Mrwan for few years now on personal & a professional level. I remember when I was first starting to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop & trying to get into graphic design few years ago, at that time he was designed most of products posters for (Alnaseem Dairy). I have always admired his work & precision, I am very grateful that I had the chance to have worked & learned from him over the years. He is very passionate & he loves what he does, you can clearly see that in his work.
He has a great personality and work ethics.
Taha Elraaid | Partner at Anjma Edible Oil Company